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Naples: in search of great pasta alla genovese and a waterfront seafood feast (plus coffee!)

barberinibee | Dec 6, 201009:34 AM     33


I've made pasta alla genovese for years without ever having tasted it in Naples, so for my next visit to Naples, I very much would like to taste a a classic and great pasta alla genovese in Naples. I have seen recommendations for it at Hostaria Toledo and Ciro e Santa Brigada. Any one eaten there? If so, is the rest of the menu great? (I won't be the only diner, and perhaps the only one eatng pasta alla genovese.)

Any other places you can recommend? I'm staying in Vomero.

I also have long harbored an idea -- perhaps mythical -- that a waterfront feast of seafood and fish for Sunday lunch in a fancy table-cloth restaurant is a Neopolitan special occasion treat, not just a tourist sucker punch. If there is a wonderful restaurant with great seafood that delivers that experience (don't mind outdated decor if the food remains good), I'd love to know about it.

If I should forget the waterfront restaurants because they are all tourist traps and eat every bite of seafood someplace else, please let me know. (And I'd be happy to hear about the best seafood and fish restaurants in Napoli, and what preparations you especially enjoyed, if you've something to add from previous Chowhound posts.)

I also hope to drink great, great coffee in Napoli. I've heard Mexico is good, but I'd love any and all recommendations, all over town, but especially for Vomero.

Thanks much!

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