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OK, but you tell me- Nanlyn Jerk, Wilson-Wilson Heights Blvd

mordylishus | Jul 25, 201908:55 PM    

Nanalyn Jerk
"MASSAGE" sign on side of the building
$4.95 lunch special, 11 am-4pm
Open 7 days, 10am-10pm except Sunday 1pm-8pm
564 Wilson Hts. Blvd.
416 901 4564
Ample parking, no patios.
Cash or debit

Hey, mon, I no expert Jamaican cooking, nor do I so aspire. I am sure that there is better and there is worse, but I don’t think that it will be one of the world’s great cuisines. Nanlyn was always in the back of my mind as I drove past it in the five years that it has been established, but I never had the urge. However, I had to get location-enhanced- priced gas at Shell on the corner. Filled by a desire for thrift and seeing the jerk lunch special that is a dollar or two cheaper than elsewhere at $4.95 plus tax, I thought, what the hell. So I ate there and got gas.

There are two chicken items daily on the lunch special. The one that is not jerk chicken changes daily. I had the jerk.

The decor is modest. About 15 typical Jamaican mains on a chalkboard, five of which are chicken, plus a list of extras. The lunch came in a small square styrofoam container. A bed of rice and (a few) red beans, not too greasy. A largish chicken drumstick and a piece of white meat on the bone about the same size. The chicken had been spiced black and cooked quite dry. The flavouring came predominantly from a gravy-like sauce that was put on top and it had a bit of heat. The coleslaw was not over-mayoed and was surprisingly spritely. Real fast service.

Well, it was OK and I will go back, but I have better lunches elsewhere for $9 net and under. I am happy to pay a bit more than $4.95 plus, but Nanlyn sure is fast, convenient and passable.
I don’t know why the jerk places don’t put in a bit more chicken and slaw, these items are cheap enough. You know, to balance the cost of the container, plastic cutlery, bag, etc.

Please, someone post who understands Jamaican cooking. Also, please recommend an item that is not chicken that someone who enjoys Lebanese cooking might like.
Does anyone know a restaurant from a French-influenced island? There is one on Lawrence east that I haven't tried and whose name I have forgotten. I walked in to look around because it had “macaron” on a sign in front. Close, but no cigar. It turned out that the “i” from “macaroni” had gotten wiped out.

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