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Hi! My name's K and I'm an "addict"...

kseiverd | Jun 18, 201211:08 AM

Addicted to "vintage" (AKA grungy) CAST IRON, that is! Got reunited with the greatness of cast iron a few years ago, when I found THREE crusty skillets at a yard sale for almost nothing. Original reason for buying was they all had "names"... Wagner, Lodge, etc. Though my method for cleaning them up is probably CI HERESY, once de-crusted and reseasoned... I WAS HOOKED!

EVERY piece I have came from a thrift store, yard sale or flea market. All were in pretty good shape tho all had some dubious grungy in/on them... it hadda go! When I started accumulating dupes... knew I had a problem. Hadda either STOP collecting or find people who would appreciate them. Gave big skillets to my brother and sister, cuz I KNEW they'd use them and would take good care of them.

Now I REALLY try to restrain myself and old buy stuff I don't already have. Found a big, HEAVY Lodge Dutch oven... no handle and no lid (though have a glass one that fits perfectly. Found a little L "diamond" shaped one... believe it's marked something like "1 egg". Have HEAVY 2 burner grill/griddle... just becasue I wanted it. Another pretty large round griddle that gets used a lot.

Have an Abelskiver (spelling) pan... no markings and another just cuz item.

Today succumbed to temptation and bought TWO Wagner Ware "corn" pans. They're a little rusty, not very crusty at all and got both for less than $3! Already HAD one, so I guess I now have a collection within a collection? One I already had is marked "Junior", "Krusty Korn Kobs", "reg in US Pat 011", Wagner Ware Sidney -0-", Pat July 6, 1920", "1319", and "A" on bottom side of ears. Think the 2 I just bought might be older? They only have markings on 3 of the cobs... Wagner Ware, Made in USA, and C (also on bottom handles).

Would REALLY like to find a chicken "fryer" and/or muffin/pop-over pans. Actually ANYTHING good that I don't already have.

Made a GREAT non-vintage find with a $5 square, LeCreuset grill pan... most expensive piece I own. Blue enamel outside (in PERFECT condition) and plain CI ridges inside.

Know that the main secret to getting a good season on a piece and having a successful cooking experience is USE the stuff.

Anyone else wanna join my "support group"??

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