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Mystery Chinatown Sauce

sgordon | Apr 17, 201201:19 PM

I was doing my regular grocery shopping at my usual Chinese market, and I came across a sauce (pictured below) that I didn't recognize - "Gulao Mianchi" - A quick Googling came up with nothing. Anyone heard of it? Gulao is a city in Guangdong, IIRC, and Mianchi is the name of a city in Henan - quite far apart. I'm sure one or the other word has different meanings, though.

So I'm wondering if this is simply some kind of bean paste (it was on the shelf near the various BPs) in one or the other's regional style? I appears (through the jar) a bit different than a Doubanjiang - darker, really black, and very thick, almost solid. What's making it confusing is that there aren't any english ingredients on the label - the only English is the brand and product name.

Granted, it's only $1.49 or something, so I should probably just buy it and find out - just wondering if anyone's heard of this stuff before, because I sure haven't, and I know my Chinese regional ingredients pretty well. (Not as well as some others here, but pretty good for a gweilo...)

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