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Mystery Black Bean Chili Sauce


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Mystery Black Bean Chili Sauce

Alice Patis | Nov 2, 2005 12:55 PM

Some dim sum houses and cantonese restaurants have a type of salty/savory chili sauce that my MIL really loves and I would like to buy some for her. The sauce is usually sitting in a clear plastic pot or on a dipping dish on the lazy susan. It has mashed chiles (not dried chiles), and I think mashed black beans, and not much oil (just a bright red slick under the mashed solids). It has no visible chile seeds (or maybe I just never see them). This isn't XO sauce, is it? Because it's a free condiment I'm assuming it's not XO sauce.

I've seen it at two SF Bay Area places, Ming's in Palo Alto, Hong Kong Flower Lounge, and many other places but those are the ones I remember. Sometimes take out places give you this sauce in a little tub instead of the more typical Sriracha or plain chile sauce.

Any suggestions for the name of this sauce (or even better, a recommended brand)? I have plenty of Asian markets in my area, I just don't know how to choose from among the 100s of chile sauces on the shelf.

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