rob133 | Jan 30, 200701:54 PM     24

Does anyone have a view on the use of Mustard oil in Indian cooking. I recently got a bottle because a number of recipes I have call for it, however I know that there is a fair bit of negative publicity (and facts?) surrounding its use in America. Indeed the bottle I have is labelled 'Not fit for human consumption'!!

Now I have read a number of articles both for and against its use, but was hoping to see if anyone else had any experience of using it for cooking? I obviously bought it wlth the intention to use it, and nothing I have read has exactly made me want to rush out home and pour it away but i figured another set of opinions can do no harm.

Now I'm firmly in the camp of believing that a lot of people are way to over sensitive to bugs and bacteria etc and toxins and all that so simple scare stories won't get me to change my mind.

I am still waging the war at home that eggs do not need to be kept in the fridge if they are to used fairly quickly!! (I mean days not weeks) - those little compartments in fridges were only put in for convineince nothing more!


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