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MGZ | Jun 28, 2013 06:43 AM

OK. Here's the idea. Reprinted from a now deleted subthread that had several Steve Miller references, and it's in two parts. The question really is, however, shouldn't everybody invent a dish inspired by a song? A lot of 'em?

Part one:

Last night, Mrs. Z is trying to figure out what her crusty husband should make on the grill for some friends that are comin' over this weekend.

"What was that silly habanero chicken thing that time? Remember?"

"Ah, yeah, sweetheart, I totally forgot about that. It was solid." I said, scratchin' my head and tryin' to remember.

Now, that pretty lady knows my furrowed brow well and saw clear through the bullshit. As all wives should. She proceeded to pour me two fingers of reposado. As all wives should.

"Boneless chicken thighs? Last summer?"

I took a slug and began to recall.

"Oh right. I took 'em and put 'em off heat on the offset. Pretty sure we had that good apple wood then. They got to sorta roast and smoke until almost cooked through before I crisped 'em over the embers."

"But what made them taste so good?"

I took another big swallow of my tequila and explained, "Well, if I recall, I sauteed down some onions and garlic in butter, added some finely minced habs. When that was thoroughly perfuming the house . . . "

"I love that smell."

"So do I.

"Anyway, When that was starting to make my eyes bleed, I added some soy sauce, some fish sauce, some coconut sugar, and rice vinegar. You sorta boil it down to reduce some and then toss the meat in the sauce like you would wings. I think I added some sliced cilantro to the mix at the very end. We used that pineapple jelly from my Mom to swipe 'em in."

"Kow Kow Chickenator! That's what we called it! It was SO good. Can you make it again?"

"Never play the same solo twice, my darlin'. But, you get the same space with the same amount of bars in the same song every time."

"Do you think Jack and Jill* can handle those?"

"F*ck 'em if they can't take a joke."

*Names changed to protect the innocent."

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