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Mushroom Soy Sauce


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Mushroom Soy Sauce

jdherbert | May 9, 2006 10:49 AM

While shopping at my local grocer, I found a bottle of mushroom soy sauce on the shelf.

I had been told that mushroom soy sauce makes a great addition to an Asian pantry and is excellent for the preparation of Chinese foods.

I bought the bottle (Cheap!) and made some stir-fried mushrooms & Napa Cabbage last night.

The sauce is excellent- very dark, wheaty character, savory, unctious, and all that jazz.

My question is this: WHY IS IT CALLED MUSHROOM SOY SAUCE? The ingredients are the same as any other soy sauce or tamari I've ever owned (just water, soya beans, some wheat, and salt). Why is this stuff so freakin' yummy? Why has it been so hard for me to find?

Anybody have any spectacular recipes that highlight its unique yummyness?- other than drinking it from a shot glas like I almost did last night?

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