Murray's Cheese reply to my "fuzzy green mold"


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Murray's Cheese reply to my "fuzzy green mold"

danna | Feb 28, 2013 09:02 AM

Yesterday I eagerly opened up the box from Murray's that my husband ordered for my birthday. I had torn out this article from WJS before xmas about the Torus goat cheese and honey combo... he remembered

When it arrived, it looked like the attached pic. I was horrified. Granted, I don't eat bleu cheese...but I'm i've never seen any of my husband's bleu have fuzzy green spots all over it. When I called Murray's this morning, they said that's the way their cave master likes it. Sure enough, they sent me a pic from their cave, also attached. Well...he's right about mold spots on the outside. But I don't see anything like that at Vermont Butter and Cheese (the maker) website: nor on Murray's site.

The customer service gentleman was pleasant, and quickly agreed to refund the order, but I'm still just amazed. The cynic in me thinks this is the same cheese WSJ tasted in December and now that its gone bad they want to keep selling it and manufactured this "we like it better this way" story. But I've always been a huge fan of theirs and never had a problem before. What say you?

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