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Munich - quick trip, quick report!

biondanonima | Jun 3, 200811:44 AM

I spend yesterday in Munich, so I thought I'd give you hounds a little report. I didn't have much time to explore the city, only about 4-5 hours, so on the advice of this board I headed to Marienplatz, since that seemed to be the best area to eat! I checked out the offerings at Dallmayr first. While their spread is certainly lavish, I really wasn't impressed. Everything was RIDICULOUSLY overpriced (I mean seriously, 15 EU/KG for potato salad? Really?) and most of it looked as though it had been sitting all day or maybe for more than a day (I was there around 3pm). The desserts were beautiful, but nothing else really turned my crank.

Anyway, I headed to the Viktuelienmarkt next - now that was fun. So much food! I was starving, so I had a couple of wursts (weisswurst and another one I couldn't identify - it was also white, but it was long, skinny, grilled, and much more heavily spiced than a normal weisswurst. Really good, though!) from a couple of different markets and checked out the offerings - great produce stands, butchers, etc. Unfortunately I had to fly back to Berlin that night so I couldn't really take anything with me (no luggage). I was looking for Maultaschen, but there were none to be found. I asked a couple of old guys who were flirting with me where I might find them, but they weren't sure if any restaurants in the area served them. However, they told me to check out the Kaufhof basement grocery store, because they thought they might have them. I headed back toward the main square to go to the Kaufhof, but I got distracted by some ice cream at Woerthers. AWESOME pistacchio, really tasty cinnamon-hazelnut and decent blood orange ice cream, to be exact. YUM.

I finally made it to Kaufhof - again, fun! I was much more interested in the offerings here than at Dallmayr. Imports from everywhere, lots of interesting things to try, and yes, they had Maultaschen! However, they weren't prepared - they were just in the refrigerated section, and since I couldn't bring them on the plane, I couldn't buy them. Anyway, I wandered around there for a bit and then walked over to Donisl to check out the menu. I was just too full from the wursts and Eis to consider a heavy meal like that, though, so I wandered on down the street a little farther and stopped into a little Kneipe for a (really big) beer. Very enjoyable!

So, that was my quick trip to Munich! Thanks to all you Munich hounds who suggested Marienplatz in your various posts - it was a great place to spend the afternoon. I hope to get to Munich again sometime and I will certainly ask for more recommendations then. Danke schoen!

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