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Multiple fruit watermelon in markets soon!

gpburdell | Jul 1, 201207:19 AM

really excited about this, I was just at a farmer's market and they had this fun kind of watermelon I'd never seen before. It's basically pre-cut except not. I guess you would say it's pre-grooved and then you can just break pieces off. The neatest part? It is genetically engineered that way! They basically engineered the watermelon to grow like a multiple fruit (like pineapple or figs) so there are natural fissures. Then they harvest it before the whole fruit fuses. Because of the extra surface area from multiple fruit growing it usually ripens faster anyway.

I'm not sure why they created this thing, but it'll be great to leave the knives at home from now on on picnics. Should be fun. The farmer at the market said these things will probably start showing up in manhattan grocers very soon!

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