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Muffin Challenge -- Muffin #2


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Muffin Challenge -- Muffin #2

Mrs. Smith | Apr 30, 2005 07:18 PM

Sorry about the long break betwen reports here -- the Chowpup's first-birthday bash occurred last weekend and there was much flurry and preparation, so consenquently not much muffin baking went on. Back to the judging.

I made two separate batches of Smokey's Cranberry muffins, and was a little shocked by the results. They are a GREAT muffin out of the oven -- sweet, crunchy exterior, snappy tart cranberries melding perfectly with the crunchy nuts, but they really do suffer, as the recipe says, from freezing. What had been a superior muffin out of the oven, and a couple days after baking, dropped to a mediocre muffin after freezing and defrosting. The sparkle was all gone from the cranberries, the texture was mushy, and flavor decidedly muted.

However, that's one of the minor judgement categories. This is still a darn fine muffin, and I'll keep going back to it, I think.

Score Recap for Smokey's Cranberry Muffins:

Taste -- 8.5 out of 10
Texture (out of the oven) 5 out of 5

Mixing -- 1 out of 1
Ingredients -- 1 out of 1
Baking -- 1 out of 1
Freezing -- 0 out of 1
Defrosing -- 0 out of 1

Also, an update on LisaN's Oatmeal Apple Nut Muffins --- they get a 1 out of 1 in both Freezing and Defrosting, bringing the total score to 16.

Smokey's unfreezable but delicious Cranberry Muffins edge out the Oatmeal Apple Nut muffins by 1/2 a point -- 16.5, mainly because the flavor out of the oven is more pronounced and compelling than LisaN's.

Darn fine muffins both.

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