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Mueslix cereal


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Mueslix cereal

Billonthehill | Feb 28, 2004 12:09 PM

I was in England a few years ago and had this type of cereal for breakfast at several of the B&Bs. Liked it a lot. It was never served from its package, but rather in a sort of upright plastic Tupperware thing, so I never saw a manufacturer's name or even thought to ask who made the cereal.
I have been trying to find something similar here, but with no luck. I know Kellogg's make one called Mueslix, but that ain't it. Several of the natural food stores carry something they called mueslix, but it just doesn't taste the same. (maybe it's the lack of blackcurrent preserves on thick toast that's throwing me off.....)
Does anyone have any idea who might have manufactured the cereal, where it can be found in the States, and/or what a close substitute would be?

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