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Do you make your own muesli? What goes in yours? Do you bake or not bake it?


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Do you make your own muesli? What goes in yours? Do you bake or not bake it?

iL Divo | Apr 26, 2013 02:47 PM

I'm making a huge batch of muesli as I ran out taking it to work last few days of the week last week > knew it was coming to an end :-(

I originally got the idea from a poster "Kate" who was telling about making her muesli one day so I asked for her recipe since I had no clue what to put in it or what it really even was for that matter. She kindly obliged. I don’t think she’ll see this thread because she doesn’t appear to be active far as I can tell.

The friends we just spent vacation with in Palm Springs are getting a container of the batch I'm trying to finish. They're in Seattle Washington so it'll get FEDEX'd up there as soon as I find the perfect tin today.

I have gone crazy with the ingredients as my philosophy is you can't over due with the items that go in there. I know they saying is less is more but not in my book of rules: to me more is more.

I'm wondering, does anyone that makes their own bake it or do they put everything in there raw and eat it that way? I don't bake mine, I eat it as is over my favorite flavors of Greek Yogurt. So is it supposed to be baked or not baked? I'm giving as a gift of sorts so I want to do it right and have our friends enjoy it as much as I do. I know when making granola I bake "it". > But... this is a whole different animal. Hum, help please with your expert thoughts, appreciate you...........
Also, I am typing out the ingredient list for them and will send that along with the tin. Never hurts.
When finished I'll post a picture.

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