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Muddy Paw Coffee and Creemee - Waterbury, VT


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Muddy Paw Coffee and Creemee - Waterbury, VT

Morganna | Jul 9, 2010 10:00 AM

This is a review of the new place occupying what used to be Kelli's Grill in the Sunoco station on south Main Street in Waterbury. They have another location at the Cabot Creamery outlet on route 100, but I've not been there. :)

Today they were out of the summer chicken salad, so I opted for the Vermonter club sandwich. It's a turkey sandwich with provolone, cranberry sauce, granny smith apple slices, and bacon (I had tomato, onion, and "lettuce" added to mine). I went for the 6 inch and I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it, and not just 'cos I have a smaller stomach than most folks. :)

It's piled high with turkey that looks like it's roasted on site, but I didn't think to ask. The "lettuce" is actually mixed spring greens, not just plain ole iceberg (YUM). There are two thick slices of crisp bacon, not sure if it's local bacon or not, but for the price of this sub (only $5.75 before tax) I'd be surprised if it was. Still, the bacon by itself tasted REALLY good, so maybe it IS local? This sandwich was really awesome. Messy but awesome. I am -very- happy.

My sub also came with a little cup of potato salad. It had egg and onion and some spice I'm not entirely sure what it was, it was delicate and I plan on getting more in the future to figure out what it was. I prefer a not-sweet potato salad, and this totally hit the spot. Some people might prefer that there was more of it, but I'm not going to be able to finish the sandwich, so the amount of potato salad was just fine for me.

They offer a 12 inch version for only $2 more.

Staff were friendly and they have a brand new dining deck outside, along with some picnic tables on the lawn by the parking lot. Also, they have creemees. I have yet to try those, but I am -so- going back.

This is a great place for an inexpensive but filling lunch. Go! Go now!

What ARE you still doing here? :)

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