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MSP: New Restaurant(?) - Grand Szechuan in Bloomington


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MSP: New Restaurant(?) - Grand Szechuan in Bloomington

greghoffman | Aug 21, 2009 08:58 AM

I did a search, and didn't see this listed anywhere...

Grand Szechuan in Bloomington - at the NW corner of France and Old Shakopee - in the Cub strip, near the opposite end. 10602 France Ave S. - looks like it just opened.

We went there for lunch yesterday and tried the lunch specials - a Kung Pao Chicken and a Double-Cooked Pork. Lunch specials were $8 (although they gave us a mystery 15% discount on the check) and included:

Hot and sour soup - not incredible hot or sour, but a pretty good soup
Salad - a bowl of lettuces (not iceberg, or even romaine) with some kind of gingery/sesame-y dressing - it was nice
Egg Roll - not bad, but I've come to really prefer the Vietnamese-style egg rolls
White Rice - Um - it was rice...

The entrees were both very good. Even though it's probably not the most challenging thing on the Szechuan menu, I like to order Kung Pao just to weed out the complete hacks. I'm happy to report, Grand Szechuan passed the complete hack test - there were no carrots, corn, celery, lima beans, peas, or any of the other things I've found in my Kung Pao over the last few years of ordering it in Minnesota, It was "purist" Kung Pao - chicken, dried peppers, peanuts, and a few scallions. Tasty, although not incredibly spicy - we'll work on that next time. The double-cooked pork was also good - thin slices of pork, with green and red peppers, in a mildly-spicy sauce (once again, we'll work on that next time). Both entrees were good starts, especially since there were off the lunch special menu.

What got me a little more excited, though, was the rest of the menu. Looks like a full-fledged encyclopedia of Szechuan dishes. Here are some examples:

Ma La Pork Tripe
Chung King Chili Chicken
Elder Sister Diced Rabbit (with bone)
Jelly Fish with Scallion Sauce
Mouth Water Chicken (with bone)
Beef in Szechuan Chili Broth
Ma Po Tofu
Milky Crispy Shrimp

Now, I haven't tried all of these, even at other restaurants, but they look like some that I've seen in other Chowhoud-verified "real" Szechuan places. There's a huge selection on the "Szechuan Specials" menu - quite a few are vegetarian, too.

Like I said, we've only been there once, but I'll definitely be checking it out a few more times over the next few months. If anybody's interested in a particular dish, let me know - I've got the menu sitting here in front of me.

Give it a try...

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