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MSP: "Best" Grocery Store


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MSP: "Best" Grocery Store

jillbcooks | Jan 17, 2009 06:31 AM

I am looking for some specific input. I moved from DC, where grocery stores are hit or miss...ones in "nice"neighborhoods might have awful produce and expired dairy products, etc. People often joked about the "Soviet Safeways"---short, sad looking stock.

I have been exploring all the different places to shop--Seward, Wedge, Midtown Global market, Mississippi Market, etc., but I am looking specifically for people's feedback on the "best" locations of places that have multiple locations. For example, is there a Byerly's which always seems to have great produce, or a Kowalski's which is always picked over, etc. Which Whole Foods do you like, and why? I never mind a drive for good selection, so I look forward to your advice.

Also, I went into a Cub and walked out--could smell a rotting acrid smell right away....I feel badly judging a chain by one there a "great" Cub that you shop at? Feedback on Rainbow, Aldi's, SuperTarget, Sam's etc is great ...I love a deal and will buy if the offerings are good.


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