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[MSP] CSA's in the Twin Cities


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[MSP] CSA's in the Twin Cities

The Dairy Queen | Feb 19, 2007 10:28 AM

I love love love the St. Paul Farmers market and my local co-op. Still, I think I'd like to take it one step further and actually buy a share in a local CSA this summer.

~Has anyone here had any experience with any of the CSA's in the Twin Cities?
~If so, which one(s)?
~What did you think of the quality of the produce, the variety of the produce and general overall reliability?
~Did you like the recipes that came with the weekly newsletter (assuming, of course, there was a weekly newsletter?)
~Did they offer any other special services/opportunities you thought were helpful?

I've been a member of a CSA before so, I'm not asking for general information about CSAs (I know about the pitfalls, for instance, of getting nothing but baskets of strawberries for weeks on end, etc. and eating strawberries until you're sick of them); rather, I'm seeking information about the quality of the produce and your overall experience with specific Twin Cities CSA's.

Thanks in advance!


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