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[MSP] Aribel's (Richfield, MN) Chowdown?


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[MSP] Aribel's (Richfield, MN) Chowdown?

The Dairy Queen | Apr 18, 2008 12:27 AM

Anyone interested in an Aribel's chowdown on April 29? If so, please drop a note to my email address (posted in my profile) letting me know you're interested and we'll go from there in figuring out the logistics and specifics. I'm a bit rusty on organizing chowdowns, but this one will likely go the way many of the others I've organized have.

~We'll order and dine family-style, which may mean we'll hack dishes any dishes designed by the kitchen to be individual servings into "taste-sized" bites and pass them around so everyone can partake of each dish if they wish.
~Everyone will be asked to cover the cost his/her own drinks and we'll otherwise split the cost of the meal, tax, tip evenly.
~After the chowdown is over, I'll post a "wrap-up" thread here on chowhound and ask y'all to chime in with your impressions.

If you would let me know you're interested sooner rather than later that would be most helpful so I can decide if we need reservations and, if so, for how many.

As always, both familiar faces and new faces are welcome!

Here's a link to Danny's fantastic Aribel's post in case you need a refresher:

P.S. I don't check my email address as obsessively as I check chowhound, so don't be alarmed if I don't respond to your email immediately.


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