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Just moved to Santa Fe, had some questions about the chow basics (coffee, pizza...)


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Just moved to Santa Fe, had some questions about the chow basics (coffee, pizza...)

finlero | Aug 3, 2009 12:58 PM

Hi Santa Fe hounds!

After 10 years in Boston, we're really excited to have moved home to the Southwest for some sunshine, friendly people, green chile, etc.

There already seems to be plenty of great info on the board about Mexican, upscale places, etc., but I was hoping I could pick everyone's collective brains to compile a list of some of the basics. Questions:

Coffee - we've long loved Flying Star (since well back into the Double Rainbow days in ABQ), but were hoping for something a little more artisinal, especially for espresso drinks. Where's your favorite cappuccino? Drip coffee? Whole beans?

Pizza - favorite American-style? Does anyone do Neapolitan-style? Does anyone make a better green chile pizza than Dion's?

Bakery - again, pretty good pastries and bread at Flying Star. To be honest, I haven't been thrilled with Chocolate Maven, finding the pastries to be more big than tasty. I think the bakery at Whole Foods is actually pretty good, but it's just so...anti-chowish. Anywhere else I might check out?

Bagels - stumbled on NY Deli earlier this week and was pretty darn impressed. Really respectable bagels, surprisingly smoky smoked salmon to go on top, and coffee that really wasn't half bad. Anywhere other places I should know about?

And we haven't even broken the seal yet on: sushi, Chinese, Indian, more "exotic" Asian (Thai? Vietnamese? Korean?)

Anything else I haven't thought of?

Thanks in advance -- looking forward to being part of the Santa Fe and Southwest CH communities!

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