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My mouth is on fire! Memorable spicy food moments. [moved from Not About Food]

Spice_zing | Apr 13, 201211:52 AM

I’m a spicy food lover from birth. I especially love hot peppers and put them on just about everything. I do a lot of home canning and have an eager crowd of tasters who await their jar of peppers during canning season.

On this particular occasion I brought a couple of jars to a get-together. I explained that one was medium hot and the other one was a flame-throwing, habanero hot.

Taster A says, “Gimme the hottest you got! You can’t make it hot enough for me.”

Taster B says, “He can eat the hot stuff like you wouldn’t believe.”

So we crack open the habanero jar and Taster A start throwing peppers on everything: crackers, burgers, beans, you name it. After a few minutes he starts clearing his throat, then coughing, eyes watering, nose running, turning red, and sweating profusely. I thought he was gonna explode! He then vanishes from the room leaving a vapor trail like a cartoon character.

After about 20 min he sheepishly returns and Taster B says, “That’s what you get for doing all that braggin!”

I know there’s some Hounds out there that have some spicy food stories to share. Let’s hear ‘em!

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