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Morton's? [moved from DC/Baltimore board]


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Morton's? [moved from DC/Baltimore board]

UncleLongHair | Jul 11, 2007 09:34 AM

I have never been to Morton's much, I've never had an expense account big enough. But one of my clients is located next to a Morton's and we have gone there a bunch of times.

Maybe I am missing something. The prices are outrageously high and the discussion of the food by the server is worthy of an infomercial. But the food itself is, well, average and bland.

I've had the "stacked" NY strip, which is thinly sliced NY strip stacked with alternating beefsteak tomatoes and purple onion. This has a strange bachelor appeal, but comes almost completely unseasoned, and the steak is mediocre. And nobody thinks that beefsteak tomatoes are actually good for eating.

Other steak dishes present a completely unseasoned steak. Sure, it's a decent steak, but for $40 I expect something more than a supermarket steak thrown in a pan. Even the side dishes such as asparagus or mushrooms come out completely unseasoned. Am I supposed to ask them to put salt and pepper on it, or pay extra for some sauce?

There was a seafood skewer, which was decent, but an almost laughably small portion, worthy of an appetizer. I guess this is what your petite, female date is supposed to get while you gorge yourself on a 60oz porterhouse?

There must be something in the experience I'm missing because the place is always packed despite the prices. Help!


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