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Moroccan Portuguese Pastries

Moroccan and Portuguese pastries - query


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Moroccan and Portuguese pastries - query

MichaelB | May 19, 2004 01:03 PM

I'm curious if anyone out there has any experience making or eating two kinds of special pastries I've only heard of.

One is the Moroccan pastry, whose spelling I forget -- malsouqua?? something like that. It's used in pastries like brik and in bisteeya. Most American recipes call for phyllo dough, which probably works fine, but the original pastry is MUCH more involved. I think Jeffrey Steingarten mentions it in one of his books as something even he doesn't venture to try. I found a recipe for it in an old Time-Life International Cooking book -- it involves heating a pan inverted over boiling water, making a rather elastic semolina dough, lightly oiling the surface of the pan, and lightly dabbing the dough on the surface of the pan to create a paper-thin layer, then quickly peeling it off. Repeat about a zillion times. It sounds GREAT. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone have a Moroccan grandmother who makes it?

The other pastry is some kind of Portuguese pastry that Jaime Oliver mentions on one of the older Naked Chef shows. He substitutes for it by rolling puff pastry with some sugar and spices and then flattening it out, which sounds pretty good, but it's clearly a short-cut. Does anyone know the original pastry to which he could be referring? Anyone had it? I guess the idea is that it's extra-flaky and crunchy. But that's just a guess.

Many thanks for sharing any recipes, experiences, thoughts.

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