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herbalicious | Nov 24, 2001 02:38 PM

Went to Morimoto's but just went to the lounge.
We had 4 drinks, and 2 appetizers, costing $70 including tax but before tip.

I had a mc2, consisting of champagne (Chevalier(sp?)but that may change) midori and a lime. highly recommended.
The sake martini i also had, but didn't like. I thought it lacked distinctiveness. You may think different.

My friend had a Kirin beer, and a glass of Amber Hill cabernet sauvignon. The Amber Hill was interesting, didn't have the amount of tannin I expected, but that may just be cabernets, as that was my first glass ever.
I did like it because of the lack of tartness, and thought it had interesting body, minimal bouquet though.

We originally had a tuna carpaccio pizza, and rock shrimp tempura.
The rock shrimp tempura, we didn't think was bad per se, but lacked contrast and interesting tastes. It may just be the batter, I thought it was too heavy and not light enough for tempura. It reminded me of mayonnaise shrimp, the Chinese dish with shrimp stir-fried with a mayonnaise usually served on a bed of broccoli with walnuts.

We sent it back after eating couple of pieces.
It helped that the waitress insisted if we weren't completely happy, send it back no problem.

The replacement was a tuna salad. The salad was mizuna leaf, which I hadn't heard of, but which looks like small leaves of arugula. The tuna was the best I have ever had by far, but I've never really had top-end sushi. It just melts in your mouth.

The tuna carpaccio pizza was also very good. According to the menu, it had anchovies, but I didn't see them on the pizza when it came. But I did taste a very unique bite of spiciness, and I think it was the anchovies, maybe in a paste of some sort and placed directly on the dough. The dough was actually a flatbread of sorts, that reminded me of ultra, super thin pita bread.

I did notice a few flaws. The bathrooms use dryers where you put your hands into a hole in the wall, but the motion detectors aren't working well, because it doesn't always turn on when you stick your hands in.
A soap dispenser is missing also, and the hole in the wall where it was attached is glaring out at you.
The bar in the lounge upstairs has its bottles placed directly over the stairway and I'm suprised there isn't a railing to prevent the bottles from falling over and hitting somebody, sparking a lawsuit.
Also, it may just be personal preference, but I think the lounge area should be more of a balcony feel. Instead it is a cave feel, because instead of the whole side open to the dining room and light/bright paint on the walls, there's a large window opening onto the dining room and wood paneling on the walls.
The computer system is sort of restrictive, not allowing the waitstaff to open separate checks for guests if they want, but that is a characteristic of restaurant computer systems everywhere.
The ottomans in the lounge are annoying, because I like backs to my chairs.

But that's enough of the negatives. I loved the tables in the lounge. They have a second level underneath to place drinks when you're eating. The service is superb. The couches, of the same leather as the ottomans, are very comfortable. The lounge feels like the living room of your ultra-hip, ultra-modern friend.
The layout of the dining room is very efficient and asthetically appealing, in a grid of sorts, with 2 person booths along either side, and rows of 4 person and 6 person booths in the middle. They alternate which side the 4 person booth is on every row, throwing a little twist into the view.
The seating for the dining room tables does change color, as they are made of a translucent material through which colored light shines from the bottom.
There are couches, of sorts, for people waiting for the bathroom (the time will come when they will be needed, I assume, as they weren't last night.)

I can definitely see where Starr spent his $2.8 million, or at least that's the figure I heard.

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