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Morimoto NYC

beccabones | Feb 20, 2009 03:14 PM

Yesturday my boyfriend and I went to Morimoto's place in Chelsea. We had a reservation for 5:30 and the place was dead except for us and one other couple that just walked in off the street. We ordered the Toro Tartar, Morimoto Sashimi, Whitefish Carpaccio and we both had the $35 chef selection of sushi and ended it with the gan mai chai tea.

Toro Tartar - great, a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it was a lot bigger than my boyfriend though it would be. We both thought it was great, our favorite condiment that it came with was the seaweed (it was like a dark paste). I would definitally order this again.

Morimoto Sashimi - I ordered this once before at the Morimoto sushi bar in Boca & they both are two totally different preperations. In Boca each fish was seperate with it's own sauce already on top of it. Where as here the fish was stacked all together and came with a choice of 5 different sauces. I found it difficult to eat because it was tall and I wasn't sure if I should take it apart or not. But in all it was good, my favorite sauce was easily the yuzu.

Whitefish Carpaccio - On the menu it said it came with hot oil, but the oil was not hot.. it was more room temperature. The plate also came with a salad in the middle, which I really liked because the dressing/oil it came with was so good that after the fish was all eaten the salad was a nice change of texture. This plate was very good also, I felt as though I could eat it all day long.

Chef Selection Sushi - I was suprised at the amount of sushi we recieved for only $35. I believe we had about 9 pieces of sushi along with a spicy tuna roll. The salmon came with a slice of lemon on top, which I lovedd because it gave it a great accent flavor. The eel was also one of the best I think I have ever had. The spicy tuna roll however, I did not really like. The sesame seeds on the outside and the chives on the inside made too much of a distraction from the taste of the fish. However, my boyfriend said that it was the best spicy tuna roll that he has ever had.

It was a nice experience, the atmosphere was nice and modern. The menus and matchbooks matched the tables and the ceiling & walls were covered with what looked like a hardened white curtain. The bathrooms were definitally my favorite part of the restaurant though, with the door sliding out of the wall with a handle that was a pole that stretched from the floor to the cieling. The toilets were the kind that are found in Japan, there was a remote on the wall that could make the toilet clean the front or the back, pulsate or osalate, you could alter the position and presure, the seat was heated and it would open and close by itself. Behined the toilet the wall seemed to be mirrors that went on forever with some autumn leaves in it. The service was great, although it did look like they were over staffed because there was a constant group of waiters around the wine area just chatting. But with this economy, good for them to be able to keep paying thier employees!

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