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Mori Update

Porthos | Jun 11, 2010 09:04 AM

Went last weekend just to see what he was up to these days.

Amuse: Vietnamese spinach with bonito broth. Slippery, crunchy texture of the spinach was interesting and different

Appetizer 1: smoked octopus eggs, marinated kinmedai throat and liver, abalone, and young bamboo.

This was Mori showing off. The unusual offering, the quality of the ingredients, the juxtaposition of textures and tastes. The packed and smoked octopus eggs were very rare said Mori-san. It was slightly salty and only very slightly smoky. Very subtle. The marinated kinmedai organs was a wonderful treat. The kinmedai throat was a bit firmer while the liver was delicious and earthy. The young bamboo was also served in 2 pieces. The top tender shoots and the bottom crunchier portion. Genius.

Appetizer 2: Manilla clams cooked in white wine and tomatoes topped with grilled Santa Barbara Prawns. Simple, elegant and as delicious a prep I’ve had in any high end French restaurant. The clams were perfect, tomatoes amazingly sweet, and the grilled prawns were sweeter than the salt baked prawns I had at Providence the week before.


-Tai no konbu jime
-Big eye tuna. Mori, being environmentally conscious, has stopped serving bluefin and is now only serving bigeye. I respect his decision but now I need to find someone that’s still serving blue fin.
-Chu toro from near the tail portion
-Aji. Delicious. Sweet. He said saba and sayori were out of season now but that this Aji was in its prime. It was indeed delicious
-Aori ika. Creamy, soft. Still the best ika I’ve had anywhere
-Santa Barbara spot prawn.
-Kamasu. (Baby Barracuda)
-Santa Barbara Uni
-Hokkaido Uni.
-marinated ikura
-Fresh grilled Anago
-Second and last piece of chu toro from the tail portion that night because I told him it was so good.

Dessert: perfect and amazingly sweet strawberries and ranier cherries from the Santa Monica farmer’s market.

Mori is still my top pick for pure sushi in LA. I’ve had kinmedai with kinmedai liver in NYC but this is the first time anywhere I’ve had kinmedai throat and liver served side by side. It was a delicious treat and at $120pp for the omakase (actually a little less than what Keizo charged me last month) makes it a no brainer for me where to go for my sushi cravings.

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