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Mori Update

Porthos | Sep 7, 2008 04:47 PM

Had another spectacular meal at Mori last night. As always, the rice was spot on. The bluefin toro (about a 4 on a 1-5 fatty scale) was spectacular. Also, Mori-san may have started to prepare his own anago. I hope this means we'll soon be seeing freshly prepared unagi. Current offerings include:

-Halibut fin: scored and dusted with yuzu zest and sea salt. Not usually a fan of engawa but this one was fatty and sweet.
-Tai no konbu jime. Snapper marinated in kelp. Always a treat.
-Inada: delicious. The meat firmer and more complex than farm raised hamachi.
-"baby Kanpachi". I asked him to repeat the name twice, it sounded like "kiosh" but I can't find the japanese name anywhere. It contrasted well with the inada. The baby kanpachi have a slightly stronger taste.
-big eye toro. Good but...
-honmaguro toro. Spectacular. It was good to have the big eye toro before so the quality and flavor really stood out.
-kohada. Okay but not as good as I've had.
-Aji. Spectacular. No fishiness.
-ikura no shoyu zuke. good, but I've had better...from Mori.
-Santa Barbara Uni. Superb.
-Torched barracuda
-Aori ika. Okay
-Tako. Okay. Not a fan of octopus usually
-Second helping of honmagura toro. "The last of the toro," says Mori, "Before the dinner rush arrives."
-Torched albacore.
-Anago. Mori was coy when I asked but I believe he may have prepared it himself. I need to try it again to be sure or better yet, see freshly grilled unagi on the menu.
-Minced toro and scallion hand-roll. The nori used by Mori is amazing. As good in quality as the one used by the master Yasuda. Thick, crispy, unbelievably flavorful
-Second helpings of inada, baby kanpachi, and uni

Finished the meal with matsutake dobinmushi. Spectacular. Sitting in front of Mori definitely elevates the quality of sushi by at least a point. A table seating 2 weeks prior was slightly disappointing. In the 100/pp price range, Mori still remains my LA favorite.

Side note. The Allagash beers are very good. I recommend the darker one. Belgium in style.

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