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I'm from Montreal and have been living abroad for 10 years now. What i miss the most aside from the Poutine and Bagels is the Montreal Smoked Meat.

I make the bagels at home and they come out pretty darn good, not St Viateur but close.

I am now trying my luck with the smoked meat. I just finished smoking 2 pieces of meat yesterday and used this recipe: https://meatwave.com/blog/montreal-sm... which I followed religiously.

I dry cured for 4 days under vacuum pack I soaked for 2 hours changing the water every 30 minutes. At that point it smelled exactly like the Montreal Smoked Meat.

I rubbed with the spice mix in the recipe and I smoked at 225F to internal temp of 165 or about 3hrs.

I let rest for an hour and transferred to a sealed container in the fridge overnight.

I just now finished steaming -at a simmer- one small piece from each cuts to an internal temperature of 180F (over 2 hrs). i tested for tenderness with a fork starting at 150F but never got it.

The color is nice. The taste is not bad, a bit salty but still eatable but they are both dry...and both tough. One of them qualifies as "semelle de botte" (boot sole).

I left that one piece in the steamer to see if a bit longer would help things along. It did not.

I tasted and with plenty of mustard and a pickle and it can be eaten but its not the bliss i was looking for.

Can anyone spot where I went wrong?

I must say that one piece was imported meat and labelled as brisket but if it was, it was trimmed down to almost no fat. That's the one that came out tougher. The other piece is what a butcher told me the cut was after showing him the brisket on a cow diagram.

I am about to do another piece, which is a different cut -what another butcher said the brisket was-. It turns out outside of Canada and the US there are a lot of different names for cuts of meat.

I would like to get a moist result. so what is the consensus here?

Should i dry cure or brine? I read on quite a few threads that Montreal Smoked meat is brined...

Wouldn't brine produce a moister result?
If brine what percentage of salt? Is 4% about right?
For how long ?
2 hours of soaking seems to be standard? It it right?
How long should the meat rest with the rub before smoking?
How long (or until what internal temp) and at what temperature should I smoke at?
Is overnight cooling after coming to room temperature OK?
How hot and until what internal temperature should i steam?

Thanks... every input will be considered.

Montreal Smoked Meat Recipe :: The Meatwave

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