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Monster Sushi - Warden & Steeles: Report


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Monster Sushi - Warden & Steeles: Report

Jacquilynne | Jun 15, 2005 09:42 PM

I've vowed to try all the restaurants in the T&T Supermarket plaza at Warden and Steeles. Previously, I tried and enjoyed Pho Viet. Tonight, I made a visit to Monster Sushi, a Japanese/Korean resto around the back of the plaza next to the Boston Pizza.

There was nary a customer in the place when I walked in - which is never a good sign. Plus, they offer an all you can eat option - which is generally a worse sign. I tried the restaurant anyway.

I decided on the small Edamame appetizer, and the bulgoki/bulkogi/bulkoki/bulgogi (all spelling variants theirs) and sushi combo dinner, which I figured would give me a nice cross section of dishes.

First served was the saddest salad I've ever seen. The lettuce was gloppy and old looking and it was swimming in a vat of salad dressing. Not worth even thinking about eating.

Next came a dish of seaweed in a sweet red pepper sauce. Unfortunately, the seaweed had no flavour to speak of, and the sweet red pepper sauce simply added heat without adding much either. This just wasn't good. I didn't eat much of it, either.

Next came a dish of rice and the sizzling platter of bulgogi (let's just settle on that spelling, shall we?) which was actually quite tasty. While it seems like it must be a fast fry style dish, the beef had the texture of something that had been braised long and slow. It was tender and soft and very, very good. The flavour of the bulgogi was nice - a balance of sweetness and other flavours. It could have been a touch spicier, but otherwise, well done.

Shortly after the bulgogi, my appetizer of edamame arrived. It was a generous portion, but of some of the saddest looking edamame beans I've ever seen. The pods were all scarred and damaged looking. It tasted fine, but it wasn't much for presentation. The untouched salad bowl came in handy for disposing of shells, since I wasn't given anything to put them on.

With the edamame came miso soup, with one piece of mushroom, no tofu, no seaweed, and very little miso for that matter. Another item I didn't bother finishing.

Finally, they sent out the sushi component of the combo. Three pieces of nigiri, three maki. The nigiri were salmon, tuna, and a white fish that may have been halibut, but it's hard to say for sure. The salmon was pretty good, the tuna was a bit slushy and the white fish was practically floating on its own water content. The fish had clearly been frozen and thawed poorly. The maki were california rolls with a bit of style - a little panko on the outside for crunch and a nice presentation. California rolls aren't my favourite, but these were nice.

Once dinner was over, they brought out the nicest touch of the evening - a pre-cut orange in an elegant presentation. It was a lovely alternative to the expected green tea ice cream. I enjoyed that quite a lot.

With tax and tip, the bill came to $24. For quite a bit less money, you could get quite a bit better food at the Sushi Hut one shopping mall over.

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