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Mom's Korean

Stan | Aug 30, 2004 04:57 PM

I got lunch at Mom's, a Korean restaurant on 8th between Normandie and Vermont. I wanted to like it. The ladies are nice and it's open 24 hours. But I'm afraid it just wasn't helping me. To start with there's the environment. The place is not luxe. There's a screechy air conditioner, and there's a TV that's turned up loud enough to be heard over the air conditioner but not loud enough to be intelligible. The menu is on the wall, all in Korean, including cool photos of some of the dishes. There's a ratty English menu, but you're better off having the ladies find customers who can translate the wall menu for you. I ordered the spicy cod. After I sat down from all that menu negotiation, a wet dog smell came over the restaurant and persisted for several minutes. Finally the food came. The panchan were good but not great, except for a spicy carrot panchan that was quite good and a sprout soup that had a nasty stale taste. The spicy cod was good at first, and I tried telling myself that at least the place was better than the other 24 hour places in Koreatown. But no, that doesn't work either, because the fish was really bland. I'm not sure how you make spicy cod bland. All I know is it didn't sit in my stomach right afterward. Oh well.

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