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Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!


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Momofuku Milk Bar: Looking for several specialty products, please advise!!

ghettoMD | Jul 20, 2012 08:34 AM


I have been recently cooking a lot from Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar cook book. It's fantastic but some of the recipes have some very peculiar ingredients that I don't see even in some of the larger supermarkets I frequent where I would expect to find them.

I searched a few of the threads on some of the products I am looking for in particular, then went out to the stores that the CHOW member(s) suggested and didn't find them there! I felt mislead and disappointed... so now I would like to start this board with the hope that some of you all who are doing the same thing as I am (maybe cooking from the same cookbook!) or just looking for some reliable advice on where to source these products can contribute where YOU have seen these... and then comment!!

(Also, ideally I'd prefer not to have to order online and have to pay shipping and handling. Although I am considering it for the feuilletine because I have no idea who sells this stuff-- maybe a professional pastry ingredient warehouse? OR I may have to venture and try Bravetart's recipe [ :-)

Here is the list:

1. Wilton glucose
2. Pistachio paste (Agrimontana or other) AND pistachio oil
3. Passionfruit puree
4. Feuilletine
5. Gianduja
6. Freeze-dried corn (powder)
7. Freeze-dried mixed berries
8. High-quality shelled pistachios
9. 72% Araguani dark and 55% semisweet Valhrona chocolate
10. Concord grape juice (Tosi says this is impossible to find and that it's up to the cook to make it him/herself... but I know some very resourceful people! I was even thinking of buying a concord grape plant and harvest it just to make a legit version of her PB&J pie... lol......)
11. Hazelnut paste (Valrhona or other)

Thanks in advance to all contributors... I hope to hear where I ought to forage about for this stuff!!

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