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wineloverdc | Jan 29, 201907:25 AM    

Having heard good things about this place on Rhode Island Avenue {near South Dakota} we went on a cold Monday. We arrived to a mostly empty restaurant and were greeted by Ume, the waiter/host. We chose a spot at the bar and quickly were discussing options with Olf the bartender and Ume. The fact that on our first visit, we met almost everyone working by name says a lot about the restaurant.

We ordered a trio of small plates: green beans with black sesame dressing which was probably the least good dish of the evening; cucumbers in a tangy dressing- quite good; and the incredibly good eggplant with grated daikon and shisho microgreens and a sauce- the eggplant was smooth, tender, light and rich at teh same time` the only possible quibble was the shisho microgreens were good but just plain shisho leaf would have dine just as well and been more abundant.

The first of two yakitori plates was a chefs choice with wing, breast, tail, liver & heart, and meatball. All were very good and the tare sauce on most was sweet and flavorful while not being sticky. This led to a second plate where we got Ume to talk to the chef and give us "all odd parts" which were

skin- amazing: burnt edges and the interior part of the skin perfectly cooked to not be fatty yet still rich
crest- delicious but too odd a texture for my more timid partner, my favorite of the yakitori
wing tip- very crispy
knee tendon- greasy in a good way, a little crunchy, I got most while partner took only one bite
breast bone- the white cartilage of the breast, crunchy and nicely flavored but not amazing
neck & belly both good but nothing that memorable.
All of these had individual garnish from just a sprinkle of salt to tare

We also enjoyed a yakionigiri which was odd but wonderful. The rice ball was put in a small cup of broth making for a crispy and soggy experience with a nicely burnt flavor. Outstanding.

Kushikatsu is things on skewers not chicken and we had two:

shishito pepper- a good foil for the rich meats
duck liver- very nice, on the rare side which we loved but might turn some off.

Dessert was a flan and a toasted marshmallow, neither of which amazed.

We drank a glass of sake, sochu, and a couple of expertly prepared cocktails.

Including tip it was $140 which is a lot of money but compared to a lot of $80 to $120 meals that leave us cold and unimpressed, this was a huge hit.

Momo Yakitori

Authentic Japanese yakitori restaurant in Washington, DC.

Momo Yakitori
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