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Mommy's fish and chips - Lachine - review


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Mommy's fish and chips - Lachine - review

Haggisboy | Sep 5, 2009 06:34 PM

Every now and then a resto deserves a re-visit and an update review. Having grown up in Lachine but since moved elsewhere, I felt I owed it to myself to pay Mommy's Fish and Chips a visit since the last time I'd been there was years ago.

Before I begin, I have to say I went alone, so there was nobody else with me to sample other items on their menu. That being said, though I was tempted by their scallop and calimari plates, I figured I'd stick to the staple, the deep fried fish and chips.

The verdict?..... Meh.....

The chips were excellent, but in a city where french fries are practically the life blood, that's not saying much as you can find equally tasty chips all over the place.

The plate came with a generous helping of chips and one piece of fish - my arteries don't need a second coat of cholesterol and fat so I went with the smallest plate. It was the fish that let me down. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty. But I watched them prepare it and it appears that their batter coated fish is purchased pre-coated, most likely from a supplier that has a bearded fisherman on the box. You know the look. That uniform tapered wedge that screams assembly line. I expected more, like a fresh fillet dipped in an egg wash and tossed in breading on the spot. Silly me.

Their tartar sauce was to die for, but again, quite likely scooped out of a can by a supplier - although better than any variety I've bought myself.

Patates were rough cut, wonderfully non uniform and a home run, but like I said before, you can find great fries like this around the Island.

Plate also came with a side of coleslaw - the vinaigrette variety, not the creamy. Was ok but nothing to crow about. Was definitely made by a commercial supplier as I could see large tubs of labeled slaw in their kitchen from the ordering counter.

Price wasn't bad. Whole deal cost me just under $6, which is far less than you'd have to pay a doctor to do a triple bypass after eating there regularly.

On the upside, they also have unbreaded grilled fillets for those who want to spare their arteries a ride on the rollercoaster of fat.

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