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kc girl | Oct 16, 2002 06:25 PM

Did anyone see his show today (Wednesday, 10-16, 5:30p.m.)? While he was making the bean and barley soup, he mentioned adding pancetta. Right after that, he mentioned a website where one can go to order the specific ingredients that might be hard to find. Did anyone write that down? I was not giving the show my full attention while I was eating. I looked on the food TV MM website and didn’t find it. Please? Anyone?

The chef seems to have been listening to internet posters who want to cook. It was excellent in the sense that he added more verbal info of whats and whys during his cooking. For instance, he said use borlotti beans and explained why because of their texture. And, he mentioned why he was adding an ingredient at a certain time in the cooking to get a certain flavor or texture. You just can't put all of that in a written recipe. I think he has always been informative about his indigenous knowledge and cooking techniques - more so than others. But today, he even outdid himself and was almost professor-like. He even had time to tell us how the common Italian housewife cooks the dishes - no food processors for gnocci, no French chef slicing technique, often handheld slicing over and into the pot, etc. (I always hated it when my mom would cut the food while holding it. But, I guess everybody does?) Anyway, he usually makes a few comments, but today, he made many.

And, remember when someone was saying his cookbook is good, but where do you get the ingredients? Well, today, when he mentioned the website for ingredients, I thought he was answering that question. So, I think somebody has been telling him what we want. How can I get a replay of the show? I want to know that website.,6...


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