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molding avocados?


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molding avocados?

poochiechow | Aug 7, 2014 10:39 AM

i've been having a terrible problem lately with avocados. i bring them home totally firm, put them in a paper bag either just with other avocados or a banana (depending how quickly i need them ripe), and then when i go to cut them open, they're moldy. actual fuzz growing on the inside of the fruit!

it's really annoying not only because it usually messes up some lunch or dinner i had planned, but because they're delicious and i want to eat them without getting sick.

has anyone else had this problem? is there a way to avoid it? at least half the time it seems like the mold is getting through the hole in the top where the stem would be, but it seems impossible to tell when purchasing which will have a problem and which won't.

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