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Mold in Greek spoon sweets?


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Mold in Greek spoon sweets?

dmoutsop | Dec 16, 2008 06:29 PM

Hi there, I love Greek spoon sweets and often make them - usually out of green grapes. I made quince (kydoni) for the first time in October, however. It turned out fabulously and I impressed loads of people!!!!! Anyway, now it is less than 2 months later and my jars of quince, which have been refrigerated since I made them, are getting little white specks throughout, suspended in the syrup (I have 8 jars in total and all 8 are getting these). It looks almost like what happens to honey when it crystallizes, but I am afraid it is mold. Does anyone know if it could be mold after such a short period of time? I've kept other spoon sweets for months and months with no mold, so I just can't understand how my quince would be getting moldy after just barely 2 months. The jars contain just three ingredients: quince, lemon juice and sugar. Thanks!

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