Molcajete. I Just Got One.


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Molcajete. I Just Got One.

Davwud | Apr 25, 2009 10:59 AM

Hey Hounds.

So I've been looking for a molcajete for a little while after seeing Rick Bayless make salsa and assorted other things in his.

So I'm down at my In Laws and noticed a little Mexican store on the side of the road. I went in and the only one they had was sitting on the desk. Obviously the owners. I asked if it was for sale and was told no but they pointed to some other mortar and pestles. Not what I was looking for but the first one was. Volcanic rock and a real nice size. So I asked where I could get one and they said they could order one. Problem is, I leave first thing tomorrow morning.
I asked how much if they ordered one and she said $15 - 18. So I offered her the fresh, crisp new $20 in my pocket for her's that was sitting there. Score!!

So, it's been used obviously. It has a bit of green stain to it and it smells like a garlic/oregano paste has been made. Do I wash it out or just pick right up where she left off. My thinking is to wash it off. I understand that I don't use a detergent, just warm water.

Anyone got any good ideas about what I can do with it. Other than grind spices and try to make salsa without getting tomato pulp all over the place??



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