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A modest proposal ...


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A modest proposal ...

ipsedixit | Aug 15, 2006 10:54 PM

On almost every single board (whether regional or topic-related), there is always posts for "The BEST of ___."

And inevitably it leads to either cordial disagreements or flame-wars (as in, "you couldn't spot good, much less the best, sushi if you were trapped inside the belly of a 500 lb mackeral")

So, here's a thought (a very minor one at that) ...

Can we just limit our requests to "Your FAVORITE ____"?

As in, "What's your favorite place for sushi?" or "What's your favorite place to get ice cream?"

This makes the responses outwardly subjective (and less prone to flame-wars); whereas a request for the "the BEST" is simply a deviously disgused request for objective feedback when in fact it can only elicit subjective comments.

Just a thought ...

Chow away.

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