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Does modern cooking exist outside of major cities?

MBC997 | Mar 27, 2008 01:27 PM

Recently I've become really interested in progressive cuisine, whether you call it modern, hyper-modern, or molecular gastronomy.... I've had the opportunity to eat at Alinea, Moto, and Schwa in Chicago and WD-50 and Tailor in NYC. Minibar in Washington, DC is on my list to try next.

I'm wondering though, are chefs doing stuff like this in places other than these and other major cities? I've heard of Sean Brock at McCrady's in Charleston. Are there others?

It's interesting that some of Europe's most well known and influential restaurants of this type, el Bulli and The Fat Duck, are both a little off the beaten path, outside of cities and I'm wondering if there is anything comparable in the US.

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