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Different moderation standards for International boards? [moved from U.K./Ireland board]

PhilD | Jun 12, 2008 12:33 AM

[NOTE: We've moved this off-topic tangent about moderation of the U.K./Ireland board from the topic at in order to help keep that board focused on sharing tips on where to find great chow. -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ]

John, thanks for the review. It is interesting that whilst I have heard great things about Caines at Gidleih Park I have rarely read a positive review of any of his spin off hotels and restaurants.

Sorry to hear you are giving up posting (has June also given up?) - I was looking forward to some pithy comments about the west coast of Ireland. I always enjoyed reading your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations.

It looks as though this thread has already been "moderated" (very Orwellian) which again detracts from the sense of community, and dissipates the enthusiasm for the site.

I wish the moderators would consider adopting different standards on the international boards to those in the US (or recruiting local moderators who understand local culture).

The US model does not work well for two reasons. First, by moving posts to the general topics boards means they get lost, as they are swamped by the sheer volume of US posts. Many of these topics do relate directly to eating in the UK and so cutting them off from the site devalues the board.

Secondly, the policy of not allowing a robust dialogue i.e. negative comment is often dealt with through the "hate the chow, love the chow-hound" mantra which means that it is almost impossible to create a dialogue around misinformed or erroneous opinion. On a board with a relatively small number of contributers one erroneous, or very repetitive poster can often skew the dialogue which devalues the board.

If this is going to be moved please link it.

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