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New mobile device site - I'd like to love it, but I don't


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New mobile device site - I'd like to love it, but I don't

lisavf | Dec 8, 2008 05:33 PM

I've been browsing Chowhound from my iphone nightly since I bought it two months ago, and I haven't had any problems. It sometimes loads a little slow, but I can live with that. Today it seems you have launched a PMD (portable mobile device) site, and my first reaction was, Hooray! but quickly turned to boo. Unless I'm missing it, there's no place to log in, which means I can read all I want but I can't post. Also, you have to go from page to page within a thread if there are a lot of posts. And since I can't log in, there's no way to hide what I've already read. There are probably more issues, but these are the first things I have noticed.

Other websites with a PMD companion site have the option to go to the original site, but I am unable to get there on my iphone. I am redirected to the PMD site, regardless of what I type into the address bar.

The PMD site is certainly very readable and it looks nice on the iphone. I appreciate that you have made the effort to create a PMD site, but I do enjoy the interactivity of Chowhound. Can anybody address this for me? Thanks.

BTW, I had to fire up my laptop to post this message :(

ETA: I just noticed that the most recent post on this Technical Help board to show up on the PMD site was posted 21 hours ago. Same with Not About Food. For whatever reason, there is a huge lag time. Not good at all.

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