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Mmmmm .... Sonya Apples


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Mmmmm .... Sonya Apples

ipsedixit | Apr 7, 2011 08:12 PM

I just recently came across these apples.

For those unfamiliar, info about Sonya Apples can be found here and here .

Essentially, from what I understand it is a hybrid of the Red Delicious and the Gala.

So, yes, it is very sweet (like a Red Delicious) but not mushy like it's parent. But it's not exactly crisp and light like a Gala can sometimes be; rather it has a certain firmness to its flesh, best described (at least for me) as akin to Korean Apple Pear.

I think I"m going to add these to may pantheon of favorite apple varieties, right up there with the Fuji and the Honeycrisp.

Do you like Sonyas?

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