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mixto review - a little long


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mixto review - a little long

nittany | Oct 12, 2002 12:41 PM

well i finally got there last night, and i really enjoyed it!

i love tierra, but can't get there as much as i'd like, so i have been dying for this place to open!

We got there around 9pm and the place was hopping! I was surprised at how pretty the place was (i guess iwas expecting sort of a diner like tierra). We had no reservations and there was a 20 minute wait, so we went to the upstair bar and had a beer ($3 domestic, $4 premium, which i think is 50 cents higher a beer than tierra...not bad for the location)

The hostess came and got us about 15 minutes later and escorted us to a table. We ordered the arnitas (i think? sort of fried plantain peices in a really garlicky dipping sauce - $3.50) - very good to pick at!

I next ordered a mojito (i always wanted to try one, it was pretty good, very refreshing), and hubby ordered a beer ($7.25/$3 respectively - ouch, didn't someone on here say mojito's were 4 bucks?). For dinner i ordered the bade tipica (i'm sure i butchered the name - roast pork, marinated flank steak, red beans and rice, fried eggs, sweet plantains, some little bread like things and avocado - $13.50) - fabulous! I have always wanted to order it at tierra, but was put off by the egg :) I'm glad i ordered it, it was wonderful, and huge! I had to bring 1/2 of it home. Hubby ordered the montuno (roast pork), very good, although perhaps a little less pork than tierra, but served with casava, black beans/rice and sweet plantains (we took some of that home too - with all the starch it's alot of food!) - $12.50.

We sat and had another beer (no room for their tres leches cake - which i love at tierra! as it was we brought home what felt like 20 lbs of food)

Here comes my 1 complaint, (other than the 7 dollar drink), it took awhile to get our check, we didn't see our waiter for a good 20 minutes (which incidently has happened to me at tierra as well). We weren't in a rush, so it didn't matter, but if we were, i'd have been annoyed (we were when it happened at tierra). The staff was VERY friendly and helpful though, so that made up for it some. And they took the entertainment coupon, which knocked a cool 12.50 off our bill :) so i can't complain too much.

All in all, the prices are a touch higher and the portions of meat a touch smaller, but for a center city location, i thought it was a great "cousin" to tierra, and i will absolutely go back and recommend it to others! but it won't stop me from trying to trek up to tierra once in awhile :)

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