Ceramic Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls - what type is best (stainless, ceramic, plastic)?


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Mixing Bowls - what type is best (stainless, ceramic, plastic)?

The Oracle | Jun 14, 2007 03:24 PM

I'm stocking a new kitchen and trying to figure out what type of mixing bowls to purchase. They'd be used primarily for baking (for use with a electric hand mixer). I've always used ceramic bowls in the past.

I purchased some Emile Henry bowls (ceramic) but read somewhere they chip when using an electric hand mixer. I haven't used them yet - and am thinking I should return them, if that's the case.

I saw some Melamine plastic mixing bowls - but didn't know a thing about them or how they would wear over time.

And I already have thin, stainless steel (?) bowls but have never used them for baking - as I always thought there was a problem using metal and mixing for baking (unless the recipe specifically called for it). Is that true?

I'd be happiest using the metal bowls I already own... but not if it ruins the outcome.

Am I over thinking this???


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