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Mixing bowl set

hobbess | Feb 8, 2012 12:55 AM

Does anybody own a Sori Yanagi mixing bowl set?

Jill Sanpietro, chowhound's senior food editor, really loves the Sori Yanagi mixing bowls and recommended them in the New York Times in the article, Kitchen Gifts: What To Give a (Good) Cook.


But, for about $118 for 5 nesting bowls, I still don't see what's so special about them as to why they're so expensive. She praises these mixing bowls for having a "finely curled lip" but don't most mixing bowls have that same feature too?

If this mixing bowl set is popular because of how it looks, then I don't see that either; it looks like any other mixing bowl set. Does it look better up close and in person or something?

If I got this set as a wedding gift, I don't think it would have been my favorite gift.

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