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Mitsuwa Umaimono Gourmet Fair

Keizo | May 9, 200802:22 PM

The Ramen Fair is back at Mitsuwa!! Well it's actually called the Umaimono Gourmet Fair which will include more than just ramen. For more info check here: http://www.goramen.com/2008/05/mitsuw...

Here is the rundown:

Chibakiya: Featuring Shark's Fin Ramen.
5/15(Thu) - 5/18(Sun) Torrance
5/22(Thu) - 5/25(Sun) New Jersey

Kujiraken: Featuring Shina Soba.
5/15(Thu) - 5/18(Sun) Costa Mesa
5/22(Thu) - 5/25(Sun) San Jose

Tsukasa: Featuring BBQ Beef Tongue Plate and Beef Tongue Bento Box.
5/15(Thu) - 5/18(Sun) Costa Mesa

Takoya Kukuru: Featuring Takoyaki.
5/15(Thu) - 5/18(Sun) Torrance, Costa Mesa
5/22(Thu) - 5/25(Sun) San Jose, New Jersey

Hopefully rameniac will be able to give us some more detailed descriptions of the ramen.
See you there!

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