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Am I missing the point? (Moroccan food)


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Am I missing the point? (Moroccan food)

Kake | Sep 12, 2007 06:52 PM

I have been (rightfully) told off on here before for having opinions about a cuisine while being relatively ignorant of it; so I figured this was the best place to come to ask about another cuisine that I'm even more ignorant of.

I went out for dinner this evening to a central London restaurant billed as Moroccan. I had no real argument with much of the food, but one of our dishes was quite perplexing. It was essentially large slices of carrot, cooked until very soft, and smaller slices of celery, cooked similarly soft, in a large amount of very thin broth, to the extent where it was basically a soup with bits in. Given that (a) this was in a serving dish rather than individual soup bowls, (b) we were eating off flat plates, and (c) all the flavour of the vegetables had been leeched out into the liquid surrounding them, we basically just ignored that dish (not a huge problem at the time, since everything else was more than ample).

What I'm wondering is whether this was a case of me missing the point of the dish, or the kitchen sending something out without due care and attention, or the management thinking that any old rubbish would do for the tourists as long as the decor looked suitably cod-Moroccan. Any thoughts?

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