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Missing Charges on Bill - according to who?

briedemeaux | Jan 20, 200801:52 PM

I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious here, but would appreciate if someone could explain. Several recent (ok, fall and I have been away for a while!) threads mention how servers are held responsible by their restaurant for charges which don't appear on the bill and thus aren't paid for....(and not brought to the server's attention by the customer).....how does the restaurant know which server messed up - and how, if the charge never appears on the bill?? i.e. a missing lemon meringue pie dessert; a $65 bottle of wine; a second glass of the house zin - whatever. If it's not on the bill, that means it didn't get entered into the register/computer, right? So how would the restaurant know at all? Or not? Thanks.

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