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Misc Follow Ups (Beer, Absinthe, and Banh Mi)

BigLizard | Aug 20, 200203:41 AM     5

Misc Follow ups:

Two weeks ago I finally made it to Magnolia on Haight. It was recommended after my Gordon Biersch rant. Both the food and beer were good but not spectacular. I like the atmosphere though. It feels like Eugene.

Saigon Sandwich (560 Larkin) and Vietnam Sandwiches (426 Larkin). I finally had the opportunity to try both of these places last week. Both were great and I won't reiterate, but I have one question: Where's the mint? I want mint on my banh mi! Next time I'll ask for it, but I didn't think I had to.

Can't find the post that inspired but I've been meaning to try Absinthe for awhile now (Gough & Hayes). We were intent on cocktails but once we started eating we ended up with 5 or 6 appetizers. They were all delicious and I especially recommend the calamari (cold marinated). The Croque Monsieur was a big hit as well. My french is bad and the cocktails were good so I can't remember exactly what everything was. Cheyenne is standing over my shoulder spouting french, but I refuse to succumb. If she want's to chime in she'll just have post it. Cocktails: try the sazerac and the casino.

China Cola: I tried the original and the cherry. It's actually pretty good. It's too herby to be refreshing though. If it doesn't taste like coke and it doesn't have any cola (Cola nitida) in it why do they call it cola?

     Maybe 3 weeks ago I dropped Cheyenne off at the mechanic to pick up the car. She was off to the lab and I was in no hurry to get home so I took 101 south. I don't really like riding on the freeway so my plan was to get off as soon as I cleared San Jose. It wasn't long before I learned a couple things about my airhead. The petcock works in exactly the opposite way that I thought it did. Instead of riding in the "on" position I was actually riding on "reserve." This means that when I ran out of gas I was *really* out of gas.
     I coasted down the off ramp without noting the exit name. Luckily I was able to exploit a design flaw to coax a little more mileage out of it. The tank wraps over the frame but there is only a petcock on one side. This leaves a little fuel trapped on the other side of the frame. By taking the tank off and turning it on it's side I was able to salvage this extra fuel.
     Down the street, left at the light, a mile down. A rather decrepit family run station. I always feel like an ass handing over a gold card in such places so I gave him the four dollars I found in my pocket. I feel good now. Half a tank of gas... There's a blues brothers reference in here somewhere but I can't quite make it work.
     Anyway, I head north out of Mexico and into Vietnam. Lot's of pho and banh mi signs. My mouth is watering and I kick myself for not handing over the card at the gas station. These places look cash only and that $4 probably would have gone a long way. I ride another mile or so until I find a chain store with an ATM then back track.
     It's off hours and nothing is crowded. I snake through one strip mall lot after another until I see a woman exit a place with a bag of sandwiches. My sandwich is perfect, crusty. The bread tears up the roof of my mouth augmenting the peppers. Cilantro and mint... I want another.

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