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Mis-behavior in the kitchen


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Mis-behavior in the kitchen

Howard-2 | May 14, 2002 08:22 AM

Below, GG Mora posted a message voicing some doubt about Amanda Hesser of the New York Times.

There's really nothing new about food writers either engaging in outright cheating of some form, or being light-weights. Does anyone remember that mini-scandal of a few years ago in which certain recipes in a cookbook seemed not to have been tested? I recall that one of the authors was named Rossi, Rosser, something like that.

As for food and restaurant critics, folks, you really ought to read A Glutton for Punishment if you want to know more. This is a book written several years ago by the food critic for some national publication in which he confesses his own sins and discusses the (numerous) sins of other food writers. Jay Something, maybe Jay Jacobs, was the author.

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